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Tasks and task lists
Tasks and task lists

Everything about tasks in Productive

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Private TasksMake a task private and visible only to the subscribers on that task.
MilestonesMark important points in projects that represent a change or stage in development.
Creating TasksCreating a task includes adding a task name, responsible person, due date and tags. You can also attach files, mention colleagues and more.
Closing TasksClose a task when you've finished working on it. You can re-open a task if more work needs to be done. Closed tasks can be seen with filters
Task DependenciesManage tasks in a specific order and prevent bottlenecks along the way with the task dependency feature.
Repeating TasksRepeating tasks help you manage reoccurring work. You can set up daily, weekly, monthly, or annually automatically repeating tasks.
SubtasksLearn how to create, manage and use subtasks
Task TO-DOLearn how to create, edit and manage TO-DOs in tasks.
Managing Multiple TasksSelect multiple tasks at once to move them, close them, or reassign them easily. You can also tag multiple tasks at once if you need to.
Commenting on TasksTask comments are used to collaborate with colleagues. You can comment, mention people, mention attachments, and more to collaborate easier.
Emoji ReactionsUse emojis to react on comments on tasks
Working With AttachmentsMentioning attachments helps you describe what you want your team to do. Task attachments can be many, use this feature to manage them.
"Me" ModeSee tasks assigned to you with just one click
Task TrayMaximize your time efficiency with the option to minimize tasks and subtasks.
Task Custom FieldsLearn how to create and use Custom Fields on Tasks
Start and End Date On TasksLearn how to set up a start date and an end date on a task
Create a Task Via EmailAdd a task to a task list using only your email.
Filtering TasksFilters are used to customize which data you can view. You can create new filters easily to see tasks assigned to you, closed tasks, etc.
Quick Task CreateCreate tasks from the main navigation, different views, using the quick add button, and more!
Time Estimates on TasksTime can be tracked on tasks and you can also put time estimates on tasks. Time estimates can be adjusted at any time.
Moving Tasks to Another ProjectMoving tasks to another project, moving tasks, copying tasks, migrating tasks
Duplicate a Task / Duplicate Multiple Tasks or Task ListsCopy a task quickly with its content included. Duplicate repetitive work that happens on multiple task lists easily.
Import Tasks From CSVLearn how to import tasks using the .csv template
Shift or extend tasks in bulk