Mark important points in projects that represent a change or stage in development.
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Milestones mark specific points in time or important deliverables that can help you track project progress.

Managing Milestones

Milestones can be created from everywhere you would create a task:

  • Global tasks screen

  • Project -> Tasks screen

  • Quick Add button:

A task can be converted to a milestone and vice-versa.

However, a subtask cannot be converted to a milestone, but a milestone can contain subtasks.

A milestone's main feature is its due date, but it can also have a start date.
Moreover, it follows the statuses from the workflow set on the project to which that milestone belongs.

πŸ’‘ Milestones cannot be set as private; they are always public.

Milestones in task views

In task views, milestones will be represented with the rhombus status field.

To filter out milestones, use the Task type filter.

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