Custom fields allow you to use your specific classification that is not available in Productive by default. You can use Custom fields to add your own attributes and then filter and sort the tasks that have those attributes applied to them.

Custom fields used on Tasks are project-specific, which means that you can create individual custom fields for every project.

To add, edit and organize Task Custom fields, click on the icon in the project:

At the bottom of the menu, you'll see the Task Custom Fields link.

Click on Create:

Select the type of the Custom field you would like to use. It can be:

  • Text Field: Allows you to enter text

  • Number field: Allows you to add an integer

  • Date field: Select a date from a calendar

  • Dropdown field: Select a predefined option from the dropdown

In this example, let's create a dropdown field:

First, add the name and the description to the custom field, this will help your teammates to understand what does the field mean.

Then, click on Add Options to add the drop downs you want and click on the coloured square to change the colour scheme of the field:

When you're done, click on Create Field.

Now, let's see how to add the Custom field to the task. Go to the task of your choice and notice that the custom field picker is now visible:

Click on the field and select the option from the dropdown:

Now the task has the Custom field assigned to it and you can use it when sorting inside that project:

... or you can filter by it:

As mentioned above, Custom fields on Tasks are project-specific, but Productive will suggest to add them to other projects.

When you want to add task custom fields to a project, you can select the ones from another project:

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