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Task Custom Fields

Learn how to create and use Custom Fields on Tasks

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Productive's custom fields allow you to categorize tasks based on your own criteria, going beyond Productive's default options.

Furthermore, these custom fields can help you better filter and sort tasks, so we'll focus on task custom fields in this article.

Task-specific custom fields can be tailored to individual projects or created as shared fields that are accessible across multiple projects using the Task Custom Field Library.

Tips and Tricks

✅ Custom fields can be project-specific, so you can tailor them to each project.

✅ Use the Task custom fields library to create a repository of task custom fields that are accessible from all projects in Productive, including the global Tasks view in the main navigation.

✅ The number of custom fields in your tasks does not affect your subscription plan's total custom field limit.

Project-specific custom fields

1) To add a new Task custom field, go to the Project sidebar and then select the Custom fields tab (🧩).
At the bottom of the menu, select the "Manage task custom fields" link.

2) Click "Add new custom field" and select the type of custom field you would like to use. It can be:

  • Text field: Allows you to enter text

  • Number field: Add an integer

  • Date field: Select a date from a calendar

  • Single-select field: Select one predefined option from the dropdown

  • Multi-select field: Add multiple values from a list of options

  • Person field: Select any active user from your account

3) When you're done with the field setup, click on "Create Field". In the example below, we opted for the Person field.

Adding a custom field to a task

Now, let's see how to add your newly created custom field to a task within a project!

After creating your task custom field (see paragraph above), open the task of your choice and you'll notice that your new custom field is now visible!

In the example below, we added a "Peer reviewer" person task field, helping us pick a person we need to review the task.

Now that the task has the custom field assigned, you can use it when sorting inside that project, just make sure to add the relevant Field to your view.

Important: While you're free to create and save as many task custom fields as needed without impacting your subscription plan's total custom field count, please note that you can only apply a certain number of custom fields per project, which depends on your subscription plan!

Task custom fields library

As seen above, custom fields on tasks can be project-specific, but you can also add the most common task custom fields to your projects from the Task custom field library.

For more information on global task custom fields, applicable to all tasks across the platform, visit this article: Task Custom Fields Library.

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