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Learn how to create and modify custom fields

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Custom fields allow you to use your specific classification that is not available in Productive by default. You can sort data by your own parameters, and you can use it throughout the app. 

Currently, custom fields are available on:

  • tasks

  • projects

  • budgets

  • bookings

  • companies

  • people

  • sales deals

  • invoices 

  • deals

Note that only Admins can create and edit Custom Fields.

To set up custom fields, go to Settings > Custom Fields:

Here you'll also find a counter which tells you how many custom fields are included in your pricing plan and how many you have used so far:

💡 The number of Task custom fields does not affect the total number of custom fields supported in your subscription plan.

Creating a Custom Field

Click on Create Custom Field and select a type: Text, Number, Date, Dropdown, or Multiselect

Be sure to add a name for the custom field and a short description of what it represents.
Certain custom field types may have additional options, such as the dropdown type where additional options can be added and color-coded:

When you're done, click on Create Field

Looking for Custom Fields on tasks? Check out this article.

Modify and Delete Existing Custom Fields

To modify or add new custom fields, go to Settings > Custom Fields and click on the custom field you want to edit. You can also delete it using the trash can icon:

If you need some inspiration on how to use Custom Fields, use this article as an example.

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