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Create a field with a "date" value in Productive

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In addition to text, number, single-select, multi-select, and person custom fields, you can incorporate date custom fields into your workflow.

By adding a date custom field, you are essentially creating a calendar picker that allows you to specify dates for a variety of objects, including Bookings, Budgets, Companies, Deals, and more.

1) To create a date custom field, go to Settings > Custom fields and select the object you want to add it for (e.g. Bookings, Budgets, Companies, Deals, etc.) and click on "Add new custom field".

2) From the menu, select the Date field.

3) Give the custom field a name and description and click "Create field".

In this example, we added a custom field named "Expected Close Date" for our Deals.

Here is how the "Expected Close Date" custom field from the example above looks like when created and added to a deal in CRM > Deals.

When in the Table view, you can easily incorporate the custom field as one of your columns and input the information all at once.

Pro tip: Custom fields can be used for data filtering and grouping, and they can also be integrated into reports!

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