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Single-Select Custom Field

Single-select custom fields in Productive help you categorize and manage data by allowing only one selection per field.

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Single-select custom fields enable you to assign a single custom field (a piece of information) to an object, resulting in a more organized approach to categorizing and managing your data in Productive.

These fields are particularly useful for situations where only one selection is appropriate, but if you need to apply several different tags to your object of choice (task, deal, budget, company, contact), you can always create a multi-select custom field and apply it where needed.

1) Adding a Single-Select Custom Field

Go to Settings > Custom fields. Select the object for which you want to create a custom field. This could be Budgets, Companies, Deals, Expenses, Invoices, etc.

2) Selecting the Single-Select Field

From the custom field menu, select the Single-select field type.

3) Name and Describe the Field

Give the custom field a name and description and click "Create field" (if editing an existing field, select "Update field").

Example of Usage

Here is an example of how a custom field named "Department" might be used.

When creating or editing a budget, you can use this single-select field to assign a specific department, ensuring clear categorization and easy filtering.

Pro Tip: Use filters to easily sort and find specific information based on the values assigned to single-select custom fields. This is particularly useful for generating reports or viewing specific data subsets.

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