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Sensitive Custom Fields

Productive supports sensitive custom fields for People custom fields, ensuring privacy by restricting their visibility to certain users.

Updated over a week ago

Productive allows you to manage sensitive data in custom fields, such as employee salaries or other personal information, by creating "sensitive" custom fields that are only accessible to specific users.

When creating such custom fields, only fields designated for people can be set as sensitive.

Adding a Sensitive Custom Field

1) To set a custom field as sensitive, first head over to Settings > Custom fields.

2) Head over to the People section and choose the custom field you want to update or create a new one.

3) When adding a new custom field or editing an existing one, check the option "Set as a sensitive field" under the field properties, and click on "Create filed" to finalize it.

Visibility of Sensitive Custom Fields

These fields will show up on the individual user's screen (CRM > Contacts > select a user, or Settings > Users), but they will only be seen by specific users.

Sensitive custom fields are viewable by system Admins or users with the following two Users custom permissions switched on:

  • Viewing people's sensitive custom fields

  • Adding, editing, and deleting people's sensitive custom fields

Sensitive fields are marked "Visible only to certain people" in their descriptions.

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