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Multi-Select Custom Field

Assign more than one custom fields to one object using multi-select fields.

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Multi-select custom fields, used as dropdowns, enable you to add multiple pieces of information to various objects like Budgets, Companies, Deals, Expenses, Invoices, and more.

1) Adding a Multi-Select Custom Field

To add a multi-select custom field, navigate to Settings > Custom fields, choose the desired object you want to apply the field to (Bookings, Budgets, Companies, etc.), and click on "Add new custom field".

2) Selecting the Multi-Select Field

From the custom field menu, select the Multi-select field.

3) Name and Describe the Field

Give the custom field a name and description and click "Create field" (if editing an existing field, select "Update field").

Here is an example of how the "Skill" custom field from the example above looks like when created and added to the People view in CRM > Contacts, for instance.

Pro tip: Use filters to easily find specific information based on the values assigned to multi-select custom fields.

Grouping and Sorting Options

Custom multi-select fields cannot be used for grouping or sorting because an object (Task, Employee, Company) may belong to multiple groups, complicating the grouping logic.

For example, if you have a task multi-select custom field called "Priority" with values ranging from 1 to 5, attempting to group or sort by it will fail because the field is designed to hold multiple values.

Switching to a single-select custom field type will resolve the issue and enable proper grouping and sorting.

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