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Person Custom Field

Assign a user as the custom field value.

Updated over a week ago

Person custom fields allow you to assign an existing user from your organization as a value in your custom field. Note that this field can only be used as a single-select dropdown!

1) To create a person custom field, go to Settings > Custom Fields and select the object you want to add it for (e.g. Bookings, Budgets, Companies, Deals, etc.) and click on "Add new custom field".


2) From the menu, select the Person field.

3) Give the custom field a name and description and click "Create field".

Here is an example of how the "Main point of contact" custom field from the screenshots above looks like when created and added to the Companies view in CRM > Companies, for instance.

Tip: If you tick the Appears in the "Add new companies" and "Edit companies" box while setting up a custom field, you'll include the custom field option when adding new companies and editing existing ones in the app.

The same goes for Deals and Budgets!

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