Creating task lists

Tasks are usually organized into task lists. You can create a new task or a task list by clicking the big + button on any project.

Task lists are a handy way to organize your tasks into groups. You can define what these lists mean in the context of a particular project, Productive doesn't try to force it on you.

Lists can for example be:

  • Different stages that a task goes through (Backlog, In progress, Pending review...)
  • Different areas of a project (Design, Backend development, Frontend development...)

Task layouts

You can view tasks in different ways:

  • List view
  • Board view
  • Calendar view
  • Table view

You can switch between the layouts by clicking the Layout button.

Adding a task directly to a task list

Click on a small + button next to a task list and add a new task directly to that list.

Inline task adding

Sometimes you just need to quickly add a few tasks before forgetting something and don't want to deal with assigning tasks and filing in all the other details right away.

You can use inline task adding for this purpose. Click on the editable row at the bottom of every task task list and just start typing.

Customizing columns

You can set up the list of task the way you like it. Get rid of the columns you're not interested to see.

Click on Columns within the top menu to customize this.

Moving stuff around

Drag'n'drop tasks from one list to another or use this feature for prioritizing task inside a task list (drag'n'drop most important tasks to the top of the list).

You can drag'n'drop task lists as well - put the most important task list to the top and push less important lists to the bottom.

Editing and archiving

Task lists can be edited and archived. If you want to change a list's name, click on it and edit it straight away.

If you want to archive a list, click this icon.

Once you archive a task list, it's out of the way, along with the tasks in it. But you can also restore it whenever you need it. Go to the Project menu and select Manage archived task lists.

Exporting tasks

You can export all the tasks from all the task lists to CSV or XLS. Go to the Project menu and select the option you need.

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