Task Tray

Maximize your time efficiency with the option to minimize tasks and subtasks.

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Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming when juggling many tasks, and subtasks, especially if you work around many different projects.

With the Task tray option navigating through tabs is easier. There is no need to open many different browser tabs or go to one task or subtask at a time.

To see the Task tray in action you can go either to your Inbox or go to Tasks or to Projects > Task. Click on the specific task or subtask and the details will pop up.

Click on the very right to the _ icon to minimize the task.

If you minimize task or subtask it will dock to your tray at the bottom of the screen. This will allow you to go back to that task or subtask at any point.

The Task tray feature is also great if you are in the middle of something, allowing you to minimize the task and continue working on it later.

Even if you change tabs, all your written comments will be saved as a draft.

The system remembers your settings, so in the case, if you close the browser, log out or change the device, the task tray stays the same.

Also, there is no limit to how many tasks or subtasks you can store. In the Task tray you can find tasks or subtasks you minimized first, and to see the rest just click on the Show more. The number in the bracket is showing how many more tasks or subtasks are minimized.

If you choose to view or edit one of the tasks in the tray, you will still see the rest of the minimized tasks on your task tray.

This enables you to switch from one task or subtask to another with a single click.

If you wish to remove the tasks and/or subtasks from your tray just click on the X on the right side of the taskbar.

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