Desktop and Mobile Apps

Enhance your Productive experience with desktop and mobile apps, escaping the clutter of browser tabs.

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Desktop App

If you prefer desktop apps over endless browser tabs, you can download Productive for both Mac and Windows. Enjoy the benefits of a standalone app, including a tray/dock icon for easy access, an unread notifications badge, and quick window switching using alt+tab/cmd+tab. All these features are available while retaining everything offered in the browser version.

The desktop app also includes a timer widget located in the top tray, as shown in the example for Mac. Ready to try it out? Visit Productive Apps.

Mobile App

For on-the-go access, download the iOS or Android app for your mobile device.

Whether you're tracking time, managing tasks, viewing attachments, monitoring budget profitability, receiving notifications, overseeing your sales pipeline, managing contacts, or switching between organizations, the mobile app has you covered.

To download the iOS mobile app, visit the App Store.

To download the Android mobile app, visit Google Play.

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