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General things about Productive

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Getting StartedSign up, activate your account, go through company settings, add your cost rate and invite more people.
Try Productive Premium for FreeTurn on Productive Premium trial
What is the difference between an "ID" and a "Number" in ProductiveLearn a key difference between numbers and IDs in Productive and how to use them
Productive GlossaryA list of the most frequent terms used in Productive and their explanations.
Log In Using Single Sign-on (SSO)
Quick AddCreate tasks, time entries, deals, contacts, and more from anywhere in the app using the Quick Add button.
Notification InboxNotification inbox show you what the team has been doing on tasks, projects and more. Use notifications to stay on top of important changes.
Capacity vs. Availability - What You Need To KnowLearn the difference between capacity and availability. Find out how cost rate, holidays and time off affect both of these numbers.
Edit Data in BulkLearn how to edit data in tables all at once
E-mailsYou can put your unique account email address into BCC if you want Productive to pick up the emails and store them in its email inbox.
Formula FieldsLearn how to create, add and use custom formula fields in Productive
Data Table ExportA lot of data in Productive is in table format. This allows you to export the data in PDF, CSV or XLSX.
Desktop and mobile appsYou can use desktop apps for Mac and Windows to make Productive even more convenient to use daily. Avoid the jungle of browser tabs.
Data MigrationWe can help you with data import and data migration.
Keyboard ShortcutsUse keyboard shortcuts to make your life easier. Keyboard shortcuts work both on Mac and Windows.
Emoji ShortcutsUse shortcuts to create emojis faster.
Generating a HAR FileGenerate a HAR file to help our Customer Support understand the issue more clearly
Privacy and Security FAQLearn about our privacy and security measures