Favorite your tasks, views, docs, or budgets to access them with a single click from the Favorites sidebar.

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Favorites are a key component of Productive's navigation system, providing quick access to essential items.
To access your Favorites, hover your cursor over the left side of your screen to reveal the slide-in menu, which contains a curated list of your preferred and most important items in Productive.

Adding Favorites

To add a page to your Favorites screen, look for the Star icon 🌟 on a particular page. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Adding a Dashboard to Favorites

  • Adding a Task to favorites

  • Adding a Report to Favorites

  • Adding a view to Favorites

After adding those items, here is how the Favorites screen would look like.


πŸ’‘ Notice how each of the items has its icon to differentiate the objects listed.

Remove a Favorite

To remove an item from your Favorites screen, simply "unstar" it:

Organizing Favorites

In the Favorites screen, you can create Folders to better organize your favorite items. To create a Folder, click on the icon shown below.

Editing a folder is also easy, to do so, click on the three dots next to it to either rename or delete it.

To move an item to a folder simply click on that item and drag and drop it into the folder of your choice.

To keep the Favorites screen active at all times click on the arrows pointing right.
And vice-versa, to enable auto-hiding of the Favorites screen those arrows should be pointing left:

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