To granulate your work, you can use task hierarchy in Productive and easily create subtasks.

To start, you can select an existing task or create a new one. Either way, an "Add Subtasks" button will appear:

Add a title of the task and hit enter when you're done:

Right here, you can close the task, add an assignee or add a due date:

Hit the three dots for more options:

When you click on the subtask, it will tell you to which task it is connected - or which task is the main one in the hierarchy:

In the Task overview page on the project, an icon will appear to notify you that this task is a part of a hierarchy:

Hover over the icon to see which task is the main task:

Subtasks FAQ:

Does closing the main task automatically close the subtasks? No, the subtasks are still open and will show the link to the main task.

Does closing all the subtasks automatically close the main task? No, the main task is still open.

Can I convert a subtask to a regular task? Yes, just click on the Options menu and select Convert to task:

Can the main task be converted to a subtask? Yes, you can hover over the title of the task and a convert button will appear. Then you'll have to choose a parent task to connect it to.

Can a parent task can be changed? Yes, just select the subtask you want to change the parent task of and hover next to the title to change it.

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