Task Views
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Improve your task management process by adding filters, additional fields, and personalized views based on your workflow. To learn more about views in Productive, take a look at this article here.

To get started, navigate to Tasks and access the Task view panel. Here, alongside default views like Open tasks, Closed tasks, and My open tasks, you'll find any custom views you've saved, as well as the option to create a new view.

Refine your task list by applying filters based on various criteria, including status (such as open, closed, or custom workflow statuses), assignees, dates, tags, and task lists, among others.

Once you've tailored your view to your liking, give it a name and decide whether to keep it private or share it with your team.

And remember, you can always edit or delete your custom views as needed. Be sure to save your changes before you're done!

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