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Use Views to better organize and manage your data. Configure your favourite Views.

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Views combine your preferred layout with filters, which allows you to organize your data and quickly find what you need. You can use it on Tasks, Deals, Budgets, Contacts, Invoices, and Resourcing.

How To Create a View

First, choose the Layout you want to use:

Note that different modules will display different layouts, e.g. you can't use List view with Deals or in Resourcing.

Next, tweak the view with Filters:

Additionally, you can group the displayed data by certain parameters (available in some layouts):

When you're done, be sure to save your new View:

This will make your View visible to everyone, meaning that your teammates can use this view as well - if they have sufficient permission levels to do so.

The new pop-up window will show up.

Selection of option Save as allows you to create a view - where you can make the view visible to everyone or only to you, name it and change the layout.

Managing and Editing your Views

Click on the Views dropdown to see the complete list of your Views:

Click on the Options button to:

  • Get an iCal link and export this View configuration to your Calendar app

  • Edit a View (select different filters, layout or grouping)

  • Pin it - so it appears on the top of the list

  • Duplicate a View

  • Delete a View from the list

If a View is set to private, it will have a lock signifying that you're the only person who can see it:

Additional "Me" Filters

Use "Me" filters to show data only assigned to you. If you click on "Me" mode preset filer, it will show you data only owned by you, or assigned to you. For example, if you press it when looking at Tasks, it will show you Tasks only assigned to you:

If you turn on the dynamic "Me" filter, it will show the data that is owned or assigned to to the person that is looking at the screen.

For example, if you create a public View under Budgets and set the filter to "Me" - dynamic, each person who is a budget owner will see a list of their Budgets when looking at that View:

Bonus Tip: Use Case for Views ⭐️

To make sure each person is aware of their Tasks, you can create a public View that everyone can use.

Start by configuring the filters - this View will show each teammate Tasks assigned to them that need to be done this week:

... give it an easily understandable name and make it public:

When each person selects that View, they will see Tasks due this week, assigned to them:

Productive will remember your last selected view and will display it once you navigate back to that screen.

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