Once a task is created, you can add more comments or manage the ones you already wrote.

Edit and Delete comments

You wrote down in a task something you didn’t want to. You spelled something wrong and it bothers you.

Click on the menu icon next to a comment and select Edit. If you want to get rid of the comment completely, select Delete.

You can Edit and Delete only your own comments. But beware, there will be a note saying the comment was deleted.

Quote comments

Hover over the menu next to a comment and select Quote to start your own comment with a reference to someone else's.

Pin Comments

Sometimes it can be tricky to find that one specific comment if there’s a lively discussion going on in a task.

Pin important comments and they will stay on top of the discussion. Select the Pin comment icon next to a comment.

Hidden Comments

If you do not want a client to see a certain comment or simply do not want to clutter their feed, by selecting the Hidden from client option, that particular comment will only be visible to your staff.

After commenting on a task, a notice will be displayed indicating the client cannot see that comment:

Please note that Hidden comments are not available in Internal projects.

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