Everything about budgets in Productive

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What Is a Budget?A budget is where your financials are stored. It's made of services, estimates, expenses, time entries and actual profit vs. estimated.
The 'Unit' FieldThe unit field can be set as hour, day, or piece. Learn how each of those affect the budgets in Productive.
Actuals With Fixed CapSet a fixed cap for services defined as actuals
Revenue RecognitionUnderstand how your revenue is reported for various services. Choose how you report revenue for fixed price services.
Restricting Services and Service TypesLearn how to restrict time tracking to only predefined services or service types.
Creating a New BudgetCreate a new budget once your deal is won or create it from your Project management or Financials tab.
Managing a BudgetYou can edit, duplicate, deliver or delete a budget at any time. Change the name or responsible person for a budget here too.
Prelazak s HRK na EURKako prebaciti sve financije na euro
Move a BudgetLearn how to move a budget to a different project
Budget EditorCreate a budget and monitor its revenue and profitability.
Recurring BudgetsUse recurring budgets to manage retainer projects or maintenance projects. Recurring budgets are created automatically. Used for retainers.
Budget ChartsDifference between the three charts on budgets. Revenue vs profitability and invoicing.
Forecasting & Profitability Charts on BudgetsLearn how to read profitability and forecasting charts in Productive
Budget DateWhat is a budget date and what is it used for?
Tracking Options on BudgetsEnable or disable the time tracking and expense tracking option for services in your budget.
Expense Entry and ApprovalHow to add expenses, ask for reimbursement and check the status
Time Warnings on BudgetsCreate time warnings when the tracked hours on a budget reach a certain threshold.
Rate CardsSet up your default service rate card. You can also set up a different rate card for each client if you work on different rates.
Create a Custom Rate CardLearn how to create a rate card for a client
Fixed DiscountsFixed discounts and how to handle them. How to apply amount discount and make sure reports are accurate.
Time Entries in a BudgetCreate reports, edit and move time entries in a Budget.
Time Approval in BudgetsTime approvals are used to monitor billable time entries before they are sent to the client. Approve time to junior team members easily.
Time Estimates on BudgetsLearn how to use time estimates on Budgets
Line Item DiscountsAdd a discount to each line item in your sales deals, budgets and invoices.
Open HoursOpen hours are where your team tracks time when there's no services on a budget yet. Use open hours to track and later reassign time entries
Purchase OrdersRaise Purchars Orders in Productive
Project-less budgetsCreate and manage budgets without projects.
Sharing on BudgetsAllow only certain members of your team to access budgets and track time&expenses on them.
Custom Cost Rates on Budgets and Deals (BETA)Add project-specific cost rates without changing your default cost rates