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Setting Up Automated Time Warnings for Budgets
Setting Up Automated Time Warnings for Budgets

Set up automated notifications to alert budget owners when a percentage of billable time is used, ensuring effective budget management.

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In addition to tracking the time spent against your budgets through reports or by viewing the progress bar within the budgets themselves, you can set up automated notifications to alert you when the budget is close to being used up.

Enabling Automated Time Warnings

1) Open the Budget Sidebar:

  • Navigate to the budget you want to monitor.

  • Open the budget sidebar, select the Settings tab (marked by the gear βš™οΈ icon) and navigate to the Time warning section.

2) Set the Time Warning Threshold

  • In the text box, enter the desired percentage of billable time at which you want to receive a notification (e.g., 80%).

  • This setup means that once 80% of the billable time (not worked time!) has been tracked against this budget, the budget owner will receive an email notification.

Changing the Budget Owner

To change the budget owner, and thereby the person receiving the time warning:

  • Open the budget sidebar, select the General budget info tab (marked by the home icon 🏠), and click on the Edit general budget info option.

  • Select the new budget owner from the dropdown and click Update budget to save the changes.

Important Considerations

  • Time Approval Impact

    If the budget requires time approval, only approved time counts towards the time warning. Read more about time approval here.

  • Percentage-Based Warnings Only

    You can only define time warnings as a percentage of the billable time, not as a fixed number of hours. For instance, set the warning for 80% of the time logged, but not for 8 out of 10 hours.

  • Budget Level Warning

    The warning is set at the budget level, meaning you cannot receive warnings for individual services within the budget, only for the total across all services.

  • Recipient of Warnings

    Time warnings are sent only to the budget owner. As a budget owner, you should receive the warning promptly, typically within a minute, but occasional slight delays may occur.

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