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Delivering a Budget

Finalize and deliver a budget after ensuring all work is complete and time entries are logged before invoicing your client.

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Delivering a budget in Productive marks the completion of all work associated with that budget. This step ensures that all time entries are finalized, preventing any further tracking of time on the budget.

Once a budget is delivered, you are ready to invoice your client for the work completed. Follow the steps below to deliver a budget and understand the implications of this action.

Why Deliver a Budget?

Delivering a budget signifies that all work has been completed, all time entries and expenses have been recorded, and the budget is ready for invoicing.

It locks the budget to prevent any additional time and expense tracking, ensuring that the recorded data is final and accurate.

Additionally, if you have Fixed billing type services in your budget and have tracked time against such services, your remaining budget revenue may be set to be recognized on the budget delivery date. Learn more about revenue recognition here.

Steps to Deliver a Budget

  1. Complete All Work: Ensure that all tasks and services related to the budget are finished.

  2. Enter All Time Entries: Make sure that all team members have logged their time entries for the budget. Once the budget is delivered, no further time entries can be added.

  3. Deliver the Budget: Navigate to the budget you wish to deliver. Confirm that all required work and entries are complete, then mark the budget as delivered by selecting the Delivered tag located under the budget name.

Tip: If you need to make any adjustments after delivering the budget, no worries. As an admin or the budget owner, can reopen it, make the necessary changes, and then deliver it once more.

Notifications for Uninvoiced Budgets

Productive will notify you if there are delivered budgets that have not yet been invoiced. You'll see a red exclamation mark next to the budgets with past end dates.

This reminder helps ensure that you do not forget to invoice your client for the completed work, maintaining accurate financial records and client billing.

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