Recurring Budgets

Use recurring budgets to manage retainer or maintenance projects. Recurring budgets are either created automatically or triggered manually.

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Recurring budgets are key features in Productive, offering agencies efficient ways to manage ongoing client work and maintain financial stability.

For instance, imagine a marketing agency that secures retainer agreements with clients for services like social media management and advertising campaigns.

Similarly, consider a web development agency that relies on maintenance contracts, ensuring that client websites receive timely updates and technical support.

In both cases, managing these recurring commitments using automatically generated budgets improves resource utilization and simplifies operations.
Productive automates these processes by creating recurring budgets based on your agency's needs, whether triggered weekly, monthly, quarterly, or at other intervals.

In this article, we'll look at how to create recurring budgets and the best ways to incorporate them into your agency workflow.

Recurring budgets are available on Premium, Enterprise, Professional, and Ultimate plans.

Setting up a Recurring Budget

To set up a recurring budget in Productive:

  1. Navigate to the desired budget, head over to the Recurring tab, and select the "Make this a recurring budget" option.


  2. Choose the recurring interval (weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, semiannually, annually) and specify the date for the next occurrence. This date marks when Productive will automatically generate a new budget.

  3. Optionally, define an end date for the recurring budget, or leave it blank for indefinite recurrence.

  4. Save your settings. If any adjustments are needed later, select the "Edit recurring" option or halt the recurrence altogether by selecting "Stop recurring".

In the "Recurring" tab, under the "All monthly budgets" section, you can view a list of all recurring occurrences.

Triggering Next Occurrence

While recurring budgets are automatically generated based on the specified interval, you also have the option to manually trigger the creation of the next budget.

This feature enables immediate budget creation rather than waiting for the next scheduled occurrence.

Scheduling People on Future Recurring Budgets

Currently, scheduling individuals on future (recurring) budgets that haven't yet started or been created is not supported in Productive.

In other words, you cannot assign people to inactive budgets.

However, you can employ a workaround by manually triggering the next budget occurrence, which allows you to create bookings for the newly generated budget.

Managing Recurring Bookings

With recurring budgets in Productive, you have versatile options for managing ongoing bookings efficiently.

For instance, you can create repeat bookings that automatically transition to new budgets triggered by recurring intervals.

Alternatively, you can manage large bookings (e.g. spanning across several months)

by triggering the budget to distribute the bookings across multiple periods.

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