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Tracking and Managing Time Entries in Budgets
Tracking and Managing Time Entries in Budgets

Track time spent on services within a budget. Manage and analyze time entries by grouping, editing, and exporting reports in Productive.

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Tracking time spent working on client or internal projects helps you gain insights into your budget's profitability and overall efficiency.
In Productive, users track their time against predefined services within a budget. This guide will show you how to manage and analyze time entries effectively.

Accessing the Time Tab

To see how much time is being spent on what and by whom, open any budget and select the Time tab.

Grouping Options

You can group time entries by various criteria to analyze the data from different perspectives. By default, time entries are grouped by person, but among other options, you can also group by:

  • Date: Organize entries by days, weeks, or months.

  • Service: Review time spent on different services or service types.

  • Tasks: Break down time entries by tasks.

Time Interval

Specify a time interval using the date picker to narrow down your time entries to a particular period.


Use the Person filter to select one or more individuals whose time entries you want to view.

Service Picker

To see how many hours were spent on a specific service within the budget, select it from the dropdown menu. This helps in analyzing the time spent on individual services.

Editing and Deleting Time Entries

You can modify or delete single or multiple time entries.

Note that time entries must be unapproved to be edited. If you need to change an approved entry, unapprove it first, make the changes, and then resubmit it for approval. Find out more about time entry approvals here.

Editing and Deleting Singular Time Entries

To edit or delete a single time entry, follow these steps:

1) Access the Time Entry Editor

Select the three-dot menu to the right of the time entry.

2) Editing a Time Entry:

Click "Edit" to open the editor menu, where you can:

  • Change the date of the time entry.

  • Change the service associated with the time entry.

  • Pin a task to the time entry.

  • Adjust the worked time and its range.

  • Adjust the billable time.

  • Add a note to the entry.

  • After making the desired changes, select "Save" to apply them to the time entry.

3) Deleting a Time Entry

Select "Delete" from the three-dot menu to remove the time entry.

Editing Time Entries in Bulk

To edit multiple time entries simultaneously:

1) Select Time Entries

  • Hover to the left of a time entry to reveal a checkbox.

  • Tick the checkboxes for all time entries you want to edit.

2) Access the Bulk Edit Tray:

  • Once entries are selected, a bulk edit tray will appear above the time entries screen.

3) Bulk Edit Options

  • Change the billable time for the selected entries.

  • Assign the time entries to another person or a different service.

  • Approve or unapprove the time entries (if time approvals are enabled).

  • Delete the selected entries by clicking the three-dot menu in the bulk edit tray.

Exporting a Time Report (Timesheet)

When you're done defining all the criteria and time entry information you're interested in, click on the download button located in the upper-right corner of the screen to create and download the timesheet report.

Manager vs. Client Export

  • Manager Export: When exporting a time report as a Manager, you'll see a detailed breakdown of the hours logged against a budget.

  • Client Export: When exporting the time report using the Client option, non-billable hours will not be included in the report. Find out more about client access here.

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