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What Can a Client See On a Budget?
What Can a Client See On a Budget?

Clients can see only billable information on the budgets. You can turn on 'view as client' to see exactly what your clients see.

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If you are using a Premium or Enterprise licence, your clients may get access to time tracking. This allows you to collaborate with them on budgets. Note that a client must have time access provided via permissions.

Budgets list

This is how you see budgets in a particular project:

This is what it's going to look like on the client's side:

Notice the difference between what you see and what your client can see?

Clients can't see total revenue, profit, margin, invoicing, billable time, rate. The only thing they see is total price for the budget, and total time spent.

Budget details

This is how you see budget details:

This is what the client sees:

Time entries

This is how you see time entries:

This is what a client can see:

The obvious difference is that your view has 2 time columns, worked time and billable time.
Worked time is the actual time worked on a project. The same time entry can have a different worked and billable amount, whether you want to charge more or less. 

The client can only see the billable time. 

Important Note
A client can only access budgets for the projects associated with the company they are assigned to. They cannot see budgets of other client projects even if the Access to budgets and timesheets has been enabled.
This client would only see budgets in projects assigned to the Raging Bull company.

💡 In the Standard pricing plan, Clients can only see projects, regardless of their permission level. In the Premium pricing plan, Clients with access to budgets can also see budgets and time entries.

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