Managing Clients on a Project

Client can see only limited project information and collaborate on tasks. You can remove or add clients from projects easily.

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Adding clients to a project

Once your clients have been invited to Productive, you can invite them to collaborate on projects.

Find your client's personal profile in Contacts - People. Open the Projects tab and add them or remove them from as many projects as you need.

At this point your client still doesn't have access to any financial information about the project. He can only collaborate on the project - see tasks and task lists, open new tasks, comment on tasks, close tasks, filter tasks, etc.

Access to financial information and time entries is a special permission:

What can the client see on a project?

Regardless of personal permissions or your licence plan, every client can see and work with tasks on the projects they've been assigned to:

Clients can open and close tasks, add comments, see and edit project notes, and see project members. However, they may not remove project members or create new task lists or boards. They may also choose whether to subscribe to project notifications, customize their fields, export tasks as they see them, and leave the project.

A client will never see your Worked time on tasks.

A client with access to budgets and timesheets

The options below apply only if you have Premium or Enterprise Productive licenses. You can read more about Productive licenses here.

In addition to the task-related options above, a client with access to budgets and timesheets has these two menus available to them:

1. Budgets

A client will see all open budgets with the total price and time worked on that budget:

In the financials tab of a budget, a client will see services, as well as their quantity, price, and time worked.
Revenue, cost, estimates, and other profitability metrics are not visible to them:

2. Time

In the Time section, all Time Entries logged on that project will be displayed and visible to a client.

They can edit the information by grouping data, selecting the time interval, choosing which budget is shown, as well as the person and pricing type.

Additionally, they can also export the timesheet:

These clients will not see your Worked time on tasks.

However, they will see the Initial Estimate, Time to Complete, Estimate at Completion, and Variance at Completion.

πŸ’‘ In the Standard pricing plan, Clients can only see projects, regardless of their permission level. In the Premium pricing plan, Clients with access to budgets can also see budgets and time entries.

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