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Managing Client Company Pages

Organize client interactions in Productive's company pages. Manage projects, deals, budgets, invoices, contacts, and more, all in one place.

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Company pages in Productive help you organize various aspects of client interaction, from projects to invoicing.

Company Page Tabs

Each company page contains multiple tabs to help manage various aspects of client interaction:

  • Projects: View all projects associated with the client and open new ones.

  • Deals: Oversee all sales deals with the client and add new ones as you progress.

  • Budgets: See all budgets associated with the client and add new ones.

  • Invoices: Track all invoices created for the client and create new ones.

  • People: Organize all contacts within the client's company.

  • Time: View all time entries recorded on the client's projects.

  • Rate cards: Manage rate cards for the client.

  • Feed: Add free-form text notes for any additional information about the client company, include BCC emails and track changes and updates made to the client company.

Company Subscribers

You can add subscribers to a company to ensure that your employees are notified whenever any changes are made to the company's details.

For example, subscribers will receive notifications when the company details are updated or if someone leaves a comment in the client company feed. These updates will also be visible in the Feed tab for easy tracking.

To add subscribers, click the plus sign in the upper-right corner and select the users you want to notify about changes to the company.

Company Custom Fields

If needed, you can add a custom field to your company for additional classification and organization purposes.

To add a custom field, select the jigsaw puzzle in the upper right and select "Add custom fields".

This will take you to Settings > Custom fields, from where you need to navigate to the Companies section and create your new field.

Afterwards, you'll be able to apply it to your companies.

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