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Winning a Deal
Winning a Deal

Win a deal and convert it into a project. Winning deals is easy with the Productive sales pipeline.

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Congratulations! You won the deal. Now it's time to turn it into a project.

Based on the financial information from the deal, a budget will be created automatically.

You have three options to choose from - either it's going to be a completely new project or you already have a project for the same client and you just want to create a new budget. The third option is to simply win the deal without creating a project.ย 

When creating a new project from scratch, you can change the project name and assign a project manager directly from the wizard.

If you're adding a budget to the existing project, select a project from the drop-down menu. Do note that in order to add this deal as a budget to an existing project, you previously have to have an active project with the same client.

Read more about Projects and Budgets to better understand why you need both.

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