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Sales Pipeline

Set up your sales pipeline stages to monitor how leads move through your sales process easily.

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What is a deal?

A deal is a potential business opportunity. It's a lead you're still negotiating with a potential client and nothing is signed yet. There is still no project to work on, so you're still in the sales phase.

Sales pipeline

During its lifetime, a deal goes through various sales statuses until it's either Won or Lost. Here's an example of a sales pipeline with 3 sales statuses:

  • Leads - this is where you put all the deals that could potentially turn into a project. Whether it's an RFP someone sent to your e-mail or an idea you're pitching to an existing client, this the first step in the deal lifecycle.

  • Qualified leads - these are the leads you decide to take to the next level - whether you arranged a call with a client to discuss the requirements, or you've invested some time in preparing a pitch, a qualified lead is something you see potential in.

  • Proposal sent - once you prepare and send a proposal to a client, you can transfer a deal from Leads to Proposal sent status. Now you wait for client feedback. If all goes well, a client will agree to your proposal and you'll be winning a deal.

This is just an example. You can always customize your own sales pipeline stages in Settings > Sales:

Managing the pipeline

If you want to move a deal from one status to another, open the deal page by clicking on a deal and selecting a new status from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, you can drag the deal from left to right and vice versa from the pipeline view.

If you prefer a table layout over the pipeline one, switch easily between the two. The table layout also allows you to customize which data you want to see by adding different fields. Β 

Also, you can sort data by clicking on a field header (e.g. Revenue):

Finally, use Filters on top to customize your Deals even more. Filter by date, name, contacts, lost reason, probability, revenue, custom fields, and more!

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