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Managing a Deal
Managing a Deal

Add a new deal and its win probability, change deal owner, leave notes on deals and assign To-Dos to yourself to follow up regularly.

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Creating a New Deal

To add a new deal:

1) Click on the +Deal button within your CRM.

2) Name the deal descriptively, using the actual work you'll be doing, and select the client company.

3) Define the currency for the deal. This is the currency you'll eventually be invoicing your client in, and all financial information will be displayed in this currency.

4) Add tags (or ideally, custom fields set up earlier) to help link or identify the specific deal.

5) Don't forget to hit the Create deal button!

Managing a Deal

Once you've created the deal, add the services you'll be selling to the client. This step is crucial if you want to track time and schedule your team on the deal through Resourcing.

As you progress with the client, change the deal status in the sales pipeline. Afterwards, mark the deal as won or mark it as lost.

You can always Edit general deal info if you wish to change the name, company, subsidiary, tag, or owner for that deal:

To modify the currency, deal dates, or purchase order number, navigate to the Edit deal details in the sidebar. Adjusting the date impacts the period for which the projected revenue and costs are reported for this deal. Please note that your team can only track time for this deal after the selected date.

Probability is your internal estimate for winning this deal. Use your gut feeling here!

Adding Deal Members

⚠️ Make sure to add the right team members to the deal so they can make bookings, and track their time and expenses against the deal. ⚠️

Add deal members through the sharing options in the upper-right corner.

You also have the option to watch a deal (click on the 👁️ icon). This will enable you to receive notifications about the changes made in the deal, perfect for team leads or admins who want to be on top of the news, but do not require any editing or time-tracking options.

When you remove deal members, they will no longer receive any notifications for activity on this deal.

Scheduling on Deals

Creating a booking on Deals functions much like it does on Budgets. You can schedule Tentative or Confirmed bookings based on your plan.

The same tracking restrictions available in budgets apply here, and you can set scheduling restrictions on the service level using the service editor.

It's important to note that once a deal is won, bookings aren't automatically transferred to a project budget. You'll have to update them manually or create new ones.

Use case examples:

1) Sales Reservation for a Future Project:

If you're planning for an upcoming project that's still uncertain, you can create a Tentative booking on the Deal budget/service.

2) Discovery Workshop during the Sales Phase:

For confirmed events, like a Discovery workshop during the sales phase, you can create a Confirmed booking on the Deal budget/service to reserve the necessary resources.

Track time on deals through the deal's Time tab or through My time:

Notes and Feed

Click on the Feed tab to add notes and get an overview of everything that has happened related to the deal.

If you want to add a note or discuss something with other people involved in this deal, write it into the field on top. You can also @mention people, add links or attachments, and more.

Deal members and people you mentioned will get a notification that the note was added to this deal.


An important part of an effective sales process is moving deals through your Sales pipeline by defining the next steps. It can be scheduling a meeting, sending a proposal, or following up on a particular status of a deal with a client.

To effectively manage that, use to-dos from the Feed. Write down a brief description and assign the to-do to yourself or someone else. If you need to change something, simply click on the description and start typing.

Note that if a person is not a deal member, they will not be available to be a to-do assignee, so make sure you have added them to the list of deal members, and their names will then appear in the to-do's assignees list.

🗑️ If you want to delete a to-do entry completely select the three dots menu on the right and click on the Delete action (a little bin will appear). 🗑️

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