Creating a new deal

To add a new deal, select the New button while in the Sales pipeline.

Name the deal something descriptive (best use the actual work you'll be doing) and select the client company

The next thing to do is to define the currency for the deal. This is the currency you'll eventually be invoicing your client in. Also, all financial information will be displayed in this currency.

Add people to the deal that you want to notify when something happens - like when the deal changes status, you win the deal, you lose the deal, etc.

Select the Document type to choose a proposal to send to your client (if you have more than one proposal). 

Don't forget to hit the Create deal button!

Managing a deal

Once the deal is created, you will set up financials by adding services. You can also mark the deal as won, mark it as lost, or change its status in the sales pipeline.

Go to the "..." menu and select Edit deal if you want to change the name, probability or owner for that deal.

Click on the Currency link if you need to switch the deal to another currency or change the Deal Date. Changing the date affects for which time period the revenue and costs from this budget are reported. Also, your team can only track time to this budget after this date. The tab Probability is your internal estimate for winning this deal - use your gut feeling here.

Owner and deal members

Manage deal members and edit the owner for this deal. Add more people or remove someone from a deal. When you remove deal members, they will no longer receive any notifications for activity on this deal.

Notes and Feed

Click on the Feed tab to add notes and get an overview of everything that has happened related to the deal.

If you want to add a note or discuss something with other people involved with this deal (hint: Deal members) write it into the field on top. You can also @mention people, add links or attachments, and more.

Deal members and people you mentioned will get a notification that the note was added to this deal.


An important part of an effective sales process is moving deals through your Sales pipeline by defining the next steps. It can be scheduling a meeting, sending a proposal, or following up on a particular status of a deal with a client.

To effectively manage that, use To-Dos from the Feed.

Write down a brief description, select a due date from the calendar and assign the To-Do to yourself or someone else. If you need to change something, simply click on the description and start typing.
Note that if a person is not a deal member, they will not be available to be a Todo assignee.

Make sure you have added them to the list of deals members and their name will then appear in the Todo's Assignees list!

When you’ve completed the action in question, close it by clicking on the checkmark.

If you want to delete an entry completely, hover over the item and click on the Delete action (a little trash can will appear).

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