When you create a deal or a budget, you'll have to add the services you will sell to your client. A screen will appear with three choices:

Choose between the two pricing models:

  • Hourly pricing - put down an hourly rate, and the total price will be dependent on the number of hours actually tracked. You can also include an estimate of how many hours you think it will take. 

  • Fixed price - you'll need to put down a fixed price for the service. You can also include an estimate of how many hours you think it will take.

  • Out of pocket expenses - fixed costs that can also be billed to your client

If you already added service types in the Settings pick one from the drop-down menu.

If not, just start typing the name of the service you want to add and hit Create service type. Note that adding services this way must be enabled via Settings - Service types - Quick add.

The next thing you need to do is put down some numbers.

If you're adding hourly services, you'll put down Estimated hours and Rates.

If you're adding fixed price services, you'll add information like Unit, Quantity, and Price.

Add more services by hitting  Add new item.

If you want to add a discount to your services, you can add it to each individual line item.

Click the arrow to add a description for each service type:

Let’s say you have a deal with both hourly and fixed price services. For example, you’re doing project management hourly, but also selling licenses for a fixed price per unit. You can add both types of services to your deal.

Click the Add new item button under fixed-price services or hourly priced services. You'll be able to mix this up to create any kind of deal you want.

Editing a service

Need to change something? Click the Edit financials button, make the changes you need, and hit the Save changes button at the bottom. If you want to delete the service, this is where you will find a Delete button as well.

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