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Adding Services to Deals or Budgets
Adding Services to Deals or Budgets

Add services to deals in the sales or budget phase. Use different pricing models to setup a fixed price or time and materials proposal.

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Billing type

When you create a deal or a budget, you'll have to add the services you will sell to your client. Once you click on edit financials, within the budget, you will be able to set up the billing type and select between different billing options.

Choose between the three billing types:

  • Fixed rate - a predetermined set price for the service. You can also include an estimate of how many hours you think it will take.

  • Actual rate - the amount of work that has been completed on a service tracked in hours or days.

  • Non billable - the hours spent on a service that don't get invoiced.

Service type

If you already added service types in the Settings pick one from the drop-down menu.

If not, just start typing the name of the service you want to add and hit Create service type. Note that adding services this way must be enabled via Settings - Service types-Quick add.


In the Unit field, you will be able to choose whether you will charge the service per hour, day, or per piece.


The next thing you need to do is put down some numbers.

If you're adding hourly services, you'll put down Estimated hours. Notice that you cannot define an estimated time in cases when the billing type is set to actuals per piece.

Quantity & Price

If you've set up the billing type as fixed and actuals, you'll be able to add Quantity and Price.


If you want to add a discount to your services, you can add it by clicking on the Show discount option In the dropdown menu.

Once you click on it, a new Discount row will be visible where you will be able to set up a different discount for every billable service. The total amount changes accordingly once the discount is added to the service.


Click the arrow to add a description for each service type:

Adding services

Add more services by hitting Add new item.

You can also copy a predefined cost rate service from your rate card. Once you add a service from your rate card you are welcome to further modify it or add a discount.

Editing a service

Need to change something? Click the Edit financials button, make the changes you need, and hit the Save changes in the upper right corner.

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