Setting up Rate Cards

Create default rate cards in Productive for efficient pricing. Simplify deal and budget creation with predefined service rates.

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A rate card simplifies your pricing strategy by providing a predefined list of service prices. You have the flexibility to create two types of rate cards in Productive:

  1. Default rate cards for your company (found in your company's Rate cards tab)

  2. Rate cards specific to each client (found in your client's profile Rate cards tab)

Creating rate cards makes it easier to generate deals and budgets for your clients. With rate cards in place, you no longer need to calculate pricing or search through contracts for service pricing details each time you create a deal or budget.

Once you've set up a rate card, the corresponding numbers will be readily available in the dropdown menu when you edit financial details for a deal or budget.

Setting up a default rate card for your company

1) To set up a default rate card, hover over the Settings in the upper-right corner and select "My company" from the dropdown.

2) From there, switch to the Default rate cards tab and click the "+ Rate card" button to add a new rate card.

3) In the next step, you'll need to add a name for the rate card and define the services you want to see bundled there (you can add as many service rates as required).

The services you create are automatically added to the rate card!

To edit or delete rates within a rate card, simply click the service you want to update or select the three-dot menu on the right.

You can also rename, duplicate, archive, and delete whole rate cards by accessing the three-dot menu on the right from the Default rate cards tab.

4) Next time you are creating a deal or setting up a budget, your default rates will be shown in the dropdown menu after selecting the "+ New from rate card" option from the budget or deal editor.

Setting up a client-specific rate card

Creating client-specific rate cards allows for tailored pricing for each individual client in Productive.

1) To set them up, navigate to CRM > Companies, and choose the client for whom you wish to set up a rate card.

2) Similar to creating a rate card for your company, select the "+ Rate card" or "Create a rate card" option from the Rate cards tab, and add the services to the new rate card.

3) When adding services to a deal or a budget, choose the "+ New from rate card" option, and the client-specific rates will be displayed alongside your default rates (if previously set).

Tip: Rate Cards and Filters

Rate cards can also be filtered. This feature allows you to quickly find specific rate cards based on their status (active or archived), creation date, or name, providing a more efficient way to manage your pricing strategies.

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