General Settings
Set up location and format settings, work time, currency, and numbering scheme in General Settings
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To update general account settings, go to Settings > General:

In General Settings you can:

  • Set local time zone and various formats (date, numbers, time display, and currency) for your organization

    πŸ’‘ The date format from general settings will be applied across the app. The date format from the document templates will be applied to the respective documents (proposals, budgets, invoices).

  • Set up Work time which entails Starting day of the week, Working days, and Man-day settings. If a person does not have individual working days/hours set up (via cost rates), Work time will be used.

  • Edit default currency, number of decimal places shown, and default markup on expenses. To find a bit more about currency settings check here.

  • Create a numbering scheme for projects, budgets, or tasks. For a bit more on how to do that, check here.

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