General Numbering Scheme

Create custom numbering sequences for projects, budgets, and tasks.

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This feature is available only in Premium and Ultimate pricing plans.
Only Admins can update the numbering sequences.

Similar to setting the Custom Invoice Number Format, you can now set up a General Number Scheme for other items as well.

To do so, head over to Settings - General:

Navigate to the Numbering scheme menu where you can set custom sequences for projects, budgets, tasks, and purchase orders:

To see which variables are supported when creating a custom sequence, hover over the ℹ️ icon next to each item:

You can also use standard text along with the predefined variables.
For example, Task-{n}, Project-{yy}, etc.

A custom Start number can also be set for each sequence type:

💡 A task sequence cannot contain the 'company_code' variable

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