Basic Productive account settings

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Currency SettingsCheck and adjust your monetary options like default currency, financial numbers precision, and default markup on expenses.
Overhead CostAdd your company cost overhead to make sure it gets included in the profitability reports.

General SettingsSet up location and format settings, work time, currency, and numbering scheme in General Settings
Required Custom FieldsSet custom fields as required when creating deals, budgets, and more.
TeamsOrganize people into Teams.
Locale SettingsChange locale settings for your country.
Set Sunday as The First Day of The WeekChange the first day of the week from Monday to Sunday
General Numbering SchemeCreate custom numbering sequences for projects, budgets, and tasks.
AddonsYou can turn on a number of Addons that will expand your account with additional functionalities.
Service TypesService types define what you sell to your clients. Define service types as cost centers on which employees track time against each budget.
Sales SettingsSet up your sales pipeline stages and lost reasons in sales settings.
Sales Pipeline StagesSales pipeline stages tell you where the leads are in your sales process. You can customize pipeline stages depending on your flow.
Custom FieldsLearn how to create and modify custom fields
Date Custom FieldCreate a field with a "date" value in Productive
Multi-select Custom FieldAssign more than one custom fields to one object using multi-select fields.
Task Custom Fields LibraryTask Custom Fields Library allows you to use the same task custom fields on all projects.
Recycle binFind and restore deleted items.
Enforce Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) For Your OrganizationImprove security by making 2FA mandatory for all users in your organization