Automatic Time Tracking

Turn on automatic time tracking so your teammates time gets logged based on scheduled hours.

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Go to Settings > Time tracking first, and turn on the Automatic time tracking addon:


As soon as you do that, you can navigate to the profile of any of your team members and continue from there.

Letโ€™s take Lucy Wu as an example. You will notice a new icon has appeared on her profile.

Click on that icon to toggle automatic time tracking on or off.

How does auto time-tracking work?

Now that the automatic time tracking option has been enabled in a person's profile, there is one more setting that will need to be toggled on.

And that is in the booking itself that is created in Resourcing:

With both of the automatic time tracking options enabled, all bookings for the past will be automatically converted into time entries:

๐Ÿ’ก This also works retroactively - there is no need to import time entries (historical data).
If, for example, today you create a booking for a couple of months in the past, and turn on both automatic time tracking options (on the person level, and in the booking popup window), time entries will automatically be generated for that period.

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