Automatic Time Tracking
Turn on automatic time tracking so your teammates time gets logged based on scheduled hours.
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Go to Settings > Time tracking first, and turn on the Automatic time tracking addon:

As soon as you do that, you can navigate to the profile of any of your team members and continue from there.

Let’s take Lucy Wu as an example. You will notice a new icon has appeared on her profile.

Click on that icon to toggle automatic time tracking on or off.

How does auto time-tracking work?

Planning first

Take a look at the example below:

Lucy was scheduled to work on two projects in Week 26 of 2019.

  1. ADB Bank Website – 4 hours per day

  2. landing page – 3 hours per day

That’s a total of 7 hours per day, on two projects.

Keep in mind that this is planned time. To really capture that time, Lucy would have to create these 2 time entries on her own.

Execution second

If automatic time tracking has been turned on and you go to Lucy’s time sheets for that week, you will notice that these time entries have been created for her automatically.

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