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Automatic Time Tracking

Learn how to enable and use automatic time tracking to simplify your team's time management.

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Automatic time tracking simplifies the process of logging work hours by converting bookings into time entries automatically.

Follow these steps to enable and manage this feature.

Enabling Automatic Time Tracking

1) Go to Settings

  • Navigate to Settings > Time tracking and turn on the Automatic time tracking toggle.

2) Enable on Team Member Profiles

  • Once enabled, navigate to the profile of any team member.

  • For example, on Alex Taylor’s profile, you’ll notice a new clock icon has appeared in the upper right.

  • Click on this icon to toggle automatic time tracking on or off for that individual.

3) Enable in Resourcing

After enabling automatic time tracking on a team member’s profile, an additional setting must be toggled on in the booking itself.

  • In Resourcing, ensure that the automatic time tracking option is also enabled within the booking.

How Does Automatic Time Tracking Work?

Automatic Conversion

With both automatic time tracking options enabled (on the person’s profile and within the booking), all bookings will automatically convert into time entries.

Retroactive Application

One of the significant advantages of automatic time tracking is its retroactive functionality.

If you create a booking for a date in the past and enable both automatic time tracking options, time entries will automatically be generated for that period. You don't need to import historical time entries manually.

Auto-Tracking and Recognized Time

When you enable time approvals for your budget, any automatically tracked time entries will still need to be approved to become recognized.

Otherwise, with time approvals off, all time entries on the budget will be automatically approved.

Only recognized time entries are considered in the budget usage calculations. If a time entry is not approved and remains unrecognized, it will not affect the total budgeted time.

By ensuring that all auto-tracked time is approved, you maintain accurate budget tracking and prevent discrepancies in your project’s time management and calculations.

Editing Autotracked Time Entries

Unlike manually tracked time, editing entries in the time tracking tab is not supported.

All automatically approved hours must be edited directly in Resourcing on the booking itself.

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