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Tracking Time on Tasks

Track time on tasks for better project management. Monitor hours spent, improve reporting, and enable flexible logging by any team member.

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Tracking time on tasks is a crucial feature for effective project management, allowing you to monitor how much time is spent on specific tasks tied to services in your budgets.

Key benefits of tracking time on tasks include:

  • Accurate Time Tracking: Enables detailed tracking of time spent on specific tasks.

  • Flexibility: Allows any team member to log time on tasks, regardless of assignment status.

  • Enhanced Reporting: Provides visibility into who worked on what task and for how long, aiding in better project management and accountability.

Enabling Time Tracking on Tasks

Global Setting Activation

The Time on tasks setting enables time tracking on tasks across all projects by default.

  • Navigate to Settings > Time Tracking.

  • Toggle on the Time on Tasks feature.

Project-Specific Adjustments

  • If you wish to disable this feature for specific projects, you can do so by editing the individual project settings.

  • To do so, open he project sidebar, navigate to the General tab, and select Edit project.

  • From there, if needed, disable the Time on tasks option.

How to Track Time on Tasks

#1 Accessing the Time Tab on a Task

  • Once the Time on Tasks feature is enabled, go to any task within a project.

  • You will notice a second tab labeled Time appearing in the task view, right next to the task Feed.

#2 Time Entry

  • Select the Service: Choose the service you’ve been working on from the dropdown menu.

  • Add Details: Choose the date for the time entry, leave a note detailing what you’ve been working on and the amount of time spent.

  • Save the Entry: Click "Save" to log the time.

#3 Using the Timer

You can start a timer while working on a task to track time automatically.

  • Select the Service: Choose the service you are working on.

  • Start the Timer: Click "Start timer" to begin tracking your time.

  • Optional: You can manually add any previously worked time (e.g., 2 hours) before starting the timer. This will set the timer to start at 2 hours.

Remember to click the Stop button once you’re done to save the recorded time.

For more information on using the timer option, click here.

Tracking Time on Tasks Assigned to Others or Closed Tasks

  • You can track time on any task regardless of whether it is assigned to you or someone else, or if the task is already closed.

  • The Time tab of the task will display who tracked time on that task, meaning multiple team members can log time on the same task.

Editing Time Entries

If you need to edit a time entry:

  • Click on the menu icon (three dots) next to the entry.

  • Modify the necessary details and save the changes.

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