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Using the Timer to Track Time

Easily track real-time work with the timer. Start the timer as you work for current-day entries or use manual entry for past days.

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In Productive, there are two main ways to track time: manual entry and using the timer. The timer allows you to start tracking time directly as you begin working, ensuring real-time accuracy and ease of use.

Note: The timer can only be used to track time for the current day. For retroactive time tracking, use the manual entry option.

Starting the Timer

Activate the Timer

  • Click the Timer icon in the upper-right corner of your screen.

Select a Service

  • Choose a service from the suggested list or manually select one from the service dropdown.

  • Click the play icon next to the selected service to start the timer.

Alternatively, navigate to Time > My Time to access the timer and track time in several ways:

  • Start the timer directly from the service input by clicking Start timer after choosing the service.

  • Select the service, save the time entry with zero hours and minutes, and then start the timer by pressing the play button on the right.

  • Enter the desired service and any prior worked time (e.g., 2h), save the time entry and then click the play button on the right. The timer will start at 2h and move up.

Tracking Time on Tasks Using the Timer

You can start the timer while working on a specific project task to track time automatically.

  1. Open the Task: Navigate to the task you want to track time on and go to the task's Time tab.

  2. Select the Service: Choose the service you’re working on from the dropdown menu.

  3. Start the Timer: Click on the "Start timer" option to begin tracking your time.

For more information on using the timer option when tracking time on tasks, click here.

Managing the Timer

Once the timer starts, you'll see the elapsed time displayed in the upper-right corner of the screen.

  • Viewing Timer Details: Click on the elapsed time to see when the timer started and view any other time tracked for the day.

  • Accessing Timer Logs: Open the three-dot menu next to the time entry and select "View timer logs" to see all records of starting and stopping the timer throughout the day.

Viewing the Timer Entry Logs

  • To view the time tracked for a specific service go to Time > My time.

  • Find the relevant time entry, click the menu icon (three dots), and select View timer logs.

  • A list of all entries making up this time entry will be displayed, including both timer and manual entries. The total breakdown is at the bottom.

Automatic Timer Stop

To prevent any over-tracking due to accidents or oversights:

  • After 8 hours of inactivity, you’ll receive an email reminder that the timer is still on.

  • After 24 hours of inactivity, the timer will stop automatically.

  • The recorded time will be saved, and you can edit it to reflect the actual time worked. Learn how to edit time entries here.

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