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Day View in My Time

Track time in the Day view.

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The Day view in Productive's "My Time" section offers a clear and intuitive interface for managing and logging your daily work hours.

By visualizing your time entries day by day, you can track and organize your activities with precision. This is particularly useful for gaining insights into daily tasks and ensuring accurate time management.

Access the Day view by navigating to the Time tab, selecting My time, and switching to the Day view option located to the right.

Adding a New Time Entry in the Day View

Select the day for which you want to add a time entry. Use the arrows and the date picker to navigate between weeks, and click the dot in the middle to return to the current week. The chosen day will be highlighted with a violet stripe, indicating your selection.

Note that in Productive, time is tracked against a specific budget and service within that budget or a sales deal. It’s important to select the correct budget and service to ensure accurate time tracking.

To add a time entry in the Day view, open the service dropdown on the left side of your screen and:

1) Select the Client, Project, Budget, and Service

Ensure you’ve selected a service from the right project and budget from the service dropdown.

You can view budget service sections in the service picker. For example, if you select "The Ads Campaign" project, navigate to the "Ads Campaign: Social" budget, then to the "Helix: Phase 1" service section, and finally select the desired service.

2) Enter Duration

Specify how long you worked, either in a total or a range, or both: e.g. 5 hours, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

3) Add a Note

Put a brief description of what you’ve been working on in the Note field before selecting Save.

4) Save the entry, and it will appear to the right.

Time Tracking Suggestions

Productive simplifies time tracking with suggestions that include pinned services, scheduled services in Resourcing, and recently tracked services.

Clicking these suggestions creates an editable time entry with pre-filled budget and service information. You can add notes or adjust the duration. This feature is available in both Day and Timesheet views in My time.

Pinned Services

Manually pin services for easier access. Hover over the service name, click the pin 📌 icon, and it will move to your Pinned section for quick access.

Scheduled Services

For projects scheduled in Resourcing, you'll get automatic time-tracking suggestions under the "You are scheduled on" tab.

Recently Tracked Time

The Recently Tracked section lists services you have recently tracked, making it easy to log time for ongoing tasks.

Managing Time Entries

Selecting the three-dot menu to the right of a time entry allows you to edit the entry, pin the service for easier navigation, duplicate the entry, view timer logs (if you used the timer), or delete the entry.

You can also directly edit the entry details by typing in the available fields.

To assign the time entry to a specific project task, click on the "Assign to task" option. Find out more about tracking time on tasks here.

Additional Options

Work log

Selecting the Work log opens a sidebar window with an overview of all your activities for the selected period logged in Productive.

This shortcut can be very useful if you need a reminder of all your activities, helping you make time entries smoother.

Hide Weekends

The "Hide weekends" toggle, accessed through the gear icon on the right, adds or removes the weekends from your calendar view.

Include Time Off

By enabling the "Include time off" setting, all time-off bookings will be added to that day's total hours.

Youtube Video

For a visual guide, check out our YouTube video on using the Day view in My Time.

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