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Track time in the Calendar view.

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The Calendar View in Productive's "My Time" section provides a comprehensive and intuitive way to manage and log your work hours.

By visualizing your time entries on a calendar, you can easily keep track of your daily activities, ensure accurate time logging, and simplify your workflow.

This feature is especially handy for maintaining an organized schedule and quickly identifying any gaps or overlaps in your logged time.

Access the Calendar view by navigating to the Time tab, selecting My time and from there, switching to the Calendar view to the right.

Adding a New Time Entry in the Calendar View

To add a new time entry, simply click on the time of the day when the work was done.

  1. Select the project and the service you were working on.

  2. Enter the duration and add notes if needed.

  3. You can also follow time-tracking suggestions by choosing from Pinned, Scheduled or Recent services.

Tip: For a smoother time-tracking flow, especially if you frequently log time against similar services, pin the service to see it under the Pinned category when logging time.

Calendar View: Time Entry Overview

You'll notice that the Calendar view screen is split into two sections:

  1. Top Section: Displays all of your time entries where the time of day is not defined.

  2. Bottom Section: Shows all the time entries with clearly marked times of the day (e.g. from 09:00-10:00 a.m.).

If a timer has been activated multiple times on a single time entry, that entry will appear in the header of the Calendar view since it has multiple start and end times.

You can then drag that time entry into the calendar.

Managing Time Entries

Clicking on a time entry displays additional information and allows you to edit the entry. Note that the entries follow the project color they're associated with.

  • To change the duration of a time entry, drag the top or bottom edge of the box.

  • To change the timeframe or day, click on the center of the box and drag it around the calendar.

  • Clicking on the time entry opens a pop-up containing the time entry details.

    You can edit the time entry, duplicate it (the time entries will become stacked on the same day and time, allowing you to drag and drop the duplicates to the desired days and times, view timer logs (if the timer was used), and delete the time entry entirely.

Additional Options

Work log

Selecting the Work log opens a sidebar window with an overview of all your activities for the selected period logged in Productive.

This shortcut can be very useful if you need a reminder of all your activities, helping you make time entries smoother.

Customizing Calendar View

Select the gear icon (⚙️) to the right to customize your calendar view.

  • The "Hide weekends" toggle adds or removes the weekends from your calendar view.

  • The "Include Time off in Total" toggle will add up (or ignore) any time off in the day total.

  • The "Show calendar events" toggle is related to calendar integrations (if you have not synced Google or Office 365 calendars, you won't see it), giving you the option to include or exclude events from your external calendar in Productive.

  • Selecting the "Calendar integration settings" will take you to the App marketplace where you can unlink or edit the calendar sync (if you don't have the sync, you won't see this).

Google and Office 365 Calendar Integration

Productive supports syncing with your Google and Office 365 Calendars, ensuring that your events are always up-to-date.

The synchronization direction is from external calendars to Productive, helping you see externally created events in your Calendar view in Productive.

To set up the integration, simply click the gear icon (⚙️) and choose your preferred calendar.

Youtube Video

For a visual guide, check out our YouTube video on using the Calendar View in My Time.

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