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Microsoft Office 365 Integration with Calendar View
Microsoft Office 365 Integration with Calendar View

Track time on entries from your MS Office 365 calendar

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To connect an external calendar to your Productive account go to Settings - App marketplace and select Connect Calendar. You can add multiple calendars to the list.

Alternatively, to access these settings, head over to My Time, activate the Calendar view and within the menu click Connect Office 365 Calendar.

With Calendar View in My Time, you can define the exact time of the day when a time entry was recorded, and see your time entries in a convenient day/week view:

The screen is split into two sections: First, you'll see all of your time entries where the time of the day is not defined:

The section below holds all the time entries where the time of day is clearly marked:

Clicking on the time entry displays additional information and allows you to edit the time entry. Note that the entries follow the project color they're a part of.

To add a new time entry, just click on the time of the day when it was done:

Then select the project, the service you were working on, enter the duration, and add notes if you want:

You can also follow time-tracking suggestions - choose from Scheduled or Recent projects:

You can also pin a project to see it under the Pinned category:

To change the duration of the time entry, you can drag the top or the bottom edge of the box:

You can also click on the centre of the box to drag it around the calendar, changing its timeframe or day.

Microsoft Office 365 Integration

Productive supports syncing with your Office 365 Calendar, so your events will always be in sync. To create the integration, click on the cog icon (โš™๏ธ) and select Connect Office 365 Calendar:

This will take you to Microsoft's authorization page where you'll have to confirm the integration.

Back in Productive, your Office 365 Calendar events will look like this:

For now, the event is greyed out so it doesn't mix with your Productive projects. But if you want, you can track time against that event and assign it to a project in Productive just by clicking on it:

Notice that the color has changed (it follows the project in Productive):

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