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Calendar Integration via iCal
Calendar Integration via iCal

Connect Productive to your Google Calendar, or any other calendar, by using the iCal link provided throughout the app.

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Events in Productive can be displayed in your calendar app and using this feature, you're always up to date across all devices and platforms.
Currently, you can enable integration with Resourcing and Tasks. 

Integrating Resourcing with your Calendar

Go into Resourcing, choose the filter My schedule and get iCal link which you will add to your calendar.

If you are using Google Calendar, add My schedule data to the calendar by pasting the iCal link in the Settings.

Now, you’ll have an overview on which projects you’re supposed to work on so you can plan your time by opening your calendar every morning.

Here’s an example of what this looks like in Google Calendar:

If you’re using the Calendar app for Mac, here’s how you can integrate it with Productive.

Importing tasks to your calendar

Adding tasks to your calendar can help you visualize task deadlines so you can keep track of all the important things you need to do in the upcoming period.

Here’s how you can add tasks to your calendar:

Seeing all of your obligations in one place is a breeze now.

Connecting Productive with Microsoft Outlook Calendar

If you would like to integrate Microsoft Calendar with Productive, here’s how to do it:

In Outlook, select the Calendar panel in the bottom left corner and click on Add calendar.

Next, select Subscribe from web and insert the iCal link from Productive, as described in the steps above.

After entering the iCal link, you can rename the calendar to your liking as well as change the color and the charm of the calendar. Additionally, you can add the newly imported calendar either to any of the existing calendar groups or create a new one.

After synchronization, your calendar from Productive will now show in Outlook:

What more can you do with this integration?

If you want to have an overview of what others are working on, there are some extra options that you can add to your calendar:

  • Resourcing of a specific team

  • Certain events (ex. vacation) across the whole organization

  • Resourcing of certain projects

  • Task deadlines of your team

Update Frequency 

iCal feed is connected to Productive all the time, and it will instantly show you all events. Google Calendar syncs periodically to Productive, which is something Google controls. Because it syncs at least once every twelve hours, it may take some time before the data from Productive shows up in Google Calendar. 


Please note that the generated iCal link contains a secret key to the calendar link, so be sure that you're sharing it with proper permission. 

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