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Simple Budget Editor: Non-Billable Budget Type Explained
Simple Budget Editor: Non-Billable Budget Type Explained
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When setting up your budget in the Simple Budget Editor, you'll find three types to choose from:

What sets the Non-billable budget apart is that it's geared towards tracking hours for activities and tasks that won't be billed to clients.
As such, they only incur costs but are still vital in project and budget management as they allow you to track time spent on non-billable activities, as well as plan your resources accordingly.

Here are the options you can choose from:

Total hours per budget

This option lets you allocate an estimated total of hours for the entire budget, spread across all team members.

Hours per person

Estimate hours for each individual team member for a specific service. Only the assigned person can log hours against it.

Hours per service

This option helps you estimate hours for a particular service, allowing multiple team members to log hours against it.

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