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Customizing Your Sender Email Address
Customizing Your Sender Email Address

Set a custom address for sending invoices and emails triggered in Automations.

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By default, invoices sent from Productive appear to come from, even though the person who clicked "Send Invoice" is displayed as the sender.

However, you can set up a custom sender email address to add a personal touch and ensure your clients don't overlook your invoices as spam.

Setting up a custom sender email address is available on the Premium, Enterprise, and Ultimate plans.

Step One: Locating the Settings and Contacting Support

To customize the email sender address for invoices and emails triggered by your Automation rules, go to Settings and navigate to General.

Scroll down to the Custom Sender Email Address section and click Contact Us. This will open a chat window and connect you with our Support team, who will assist you in setting up and verifying your custom email address.

Step Two: Adjusting the DNS Records

After contacting Support, specify the email address you want to use.

After that, you will receive new SPF and DKIM DNS records, which you’ll need to update in your email provider.

Our Support team is available to help with any issues or questions during this process.

Step Three: Verification

Once you've updated the SPF and DKIM records, let us know via chat.

We will verify the changes, and if everything is correct, you’ll be notified that your new sender email address is ready to use!

Customizing the Sender's Email Address

After the verification is complete, head back to Settings > General > Custom sender email address. Here, you can adjust the:

  • Sender Name: The name displayed in the recipient’s inbox.

  • Sender Address: The first part of your email address (e.g., the "invoice" in

You can also choose to allow users to send emails using their email addresses, which can be selected from a dropdown menu when sending emails.

Sending Emails and Invoices

Once configured, you’ll be able to send invoices and emails from your custom address.

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