Everything about invoicing and payments in Productive

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Create an Invoice in ProductiveLearn how to raise an invoice in Productive
Credit NoteIssue a credit note if you need to make any sort of correction on an already finalized invoice
Invoicing Options and Payment termsSet up invoicing options like email format, custom sender email address, payment terms, and other invoicing options.
Hide Fields on Document ExportsCustomize your invoice layout by editing the fields visible on the PDF export
Invoicing - Unrecognized Time and Expenses
Creating an InvoiceInvoices can be created for each project and its many budgets. Invoicing in Productive is very simple.
Draft InvoiceCreate a Draft Invoice before its final form.
Managing an InvoiceAn invoice can be marked as sent after which it becomes unpaid. Tag invoices for easier filtering, duplicate, and delete them if needed.
What is a Tax ID?
Tax Rate Per Line ItemYou can set different tax rates per individual line item on an invoice.
Tracking InvoicesYou can see which invoices are marked as sent and unpaid at a glance. Use the Financials tab to see all your invoices instantly.
Partial InvoicingLearn how to issue partial invoices or prepayments to your partners.
Multi-Budget InvoicingCreate an invoice from different budgets and projects
Manage Invoices in Multiple CurrenciesLearn how to set up two currencies on your invoices.
Invoice Amount CorrectionAmount correction will help you keep your invoices in order if changes on budgets have been made.
Making Changes To an InvoiceEdit an invoice if you made a mistake easily. You can edit items, billing info, discounts, or VAT, and save changes when you're done.
Invoice RecipientsLearn how TO, CC, and BCC fields are filled.
How To Write Off a Budget?Learn how to write off the total or partial budget.
Invoice Number FormatThe invoice number format determines what your invoice number looks like. Customize the format number for your invoices in settings.
Add Custom Fields to InvoicesLearn how to add information from custom fields to invoices
Custom Invoicing SettingsSet a custom address for sending invoices and remove Productive branding from emails
Creating an Advance PaymentYou can track payments in tranches. Use this for advance payment or similar cases within Invoicing.
Recording PaymentsYou can record multiple payments on one invoice. Useful for advance payment or cases where budget is paid in tranches.