Making Changes To an Invoice

Edit an invoice if you made a mistake easily. You can edit items, billing info, discounts, or VAT, and save changes when you're done.

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Edit items

You can edit most of the invoice items directly on the invoice. Click on the item you want to edit and start typing. The line items will turn into editable fields. Once you're done with all the changes, hit the Save changes button at the bottom of the screen. Note that you can only edit unsent invoices.

Change billing address

Click on the Edit info next to a client to change a billing address or edit your own company details.

Add a new line item

Click on the Add line item if you want to add something to the invoice. You can add as many line items as you want just don't forget to hit the Save changes button at the bottom of the screen.

Add discount or tax

If you want to add a discount you can do that on every line item.

If you want to add tax, click on the edit link next to the TAX field.

If you added a discount to a budget, it will transfer to an invoice automatically and will be displayed here.

Rearrange line items

Grab the line item you want to move and move it to another position.

Delete line items

Click on the trash button next to a line item if you want to delete it from the invoice.

Don't forget to hit the Save changes button at the bottom of the screen after editing or deleting.

Making changes after the invoice is finalized

When the invoice is finalized, there is an option to change the Document template by selecting it from the dropdown menu.

💡 Note that there is no option to change the Subsidiary after the invoice is finalized.

Changing the document template will override the tax and current message displayed on your invoice.

Does making changes to an invoice affect a budget?

No. Nothing you add to an invoice will be shown in the budget. For example, if you add some extra line items to your invoice, that won't make new services in a budget.

If you add, change or remove a discount, that won't be shown in a budget.

If I change something in a budget? Is it going to show automatically in an invoice?

Once you create an invoice, that’s final and nothing you change in a budget will have an effect on an invoice.

If you want to change something, you will need to go to the invoice and make changes there.

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