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Adding Client Companies

Organize and track your clients efficiently by managing companies, sales deals, budgets, and contacts in Productive.

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In Productive, the Companies feature allows you to keep track of your clients and manage their related sales deals, budgets, contacts, and projects.

This feature helps simplify client management, providing a centralized location for all relevant information and activities.

How to Add Companies

To add a new company in-app, navigate to CRM > Companies. This section will display a list of existing companies in your account, complete with filters at the top to help narrow down search results.

You also have the option to upload client company information in bulk through CSV data import. Find out more about this here.

Adding a New Company In-App

To add a new company, click the violet "+ Company" button at the top right.

1) Add Company Details

Enter the company name and optionally include a company avatar. The avatar will be displayed across your Productive account in Resourcing, projects, and tables.

2) Additional Information
Add the company's default currency, full company name, and Tax ID to avoid manual adjustments when opening a deal or budget for the client in question.

3) Default Invoicing Settings (Optional)
Select the default payment terms, tax rate, subsidiary, and invoice template for invoicing this client. Ideally, this information is added here after finalizing the contract with the client.

4) Create Company
Once created, you'll be directed to the company's page, which is initially blank.

Contact Details

You can add default contact details by clicking on the "Add phone and email" menu on the company's page in the upper right.

Adjusting the Billing and Organization Info

If you use Productive to generate and send invoices, it's vital to maintain precise client company details and update them accordingly.

Change Billing Info

Update the billing information by opening the company contact details in the upper right. This information will appear on the invoices you send to this client.

Multiple Addresses

For companies with multiple addresses, you can select which one is the billing address.

Additional Information

Add any extra information about the company by clicking the Add Field button.

Editing Company Details

To update the company details like its name, company logo, default currency, Tax ID, or default invoicing settings, navigate to the three-dot menu in the upper-right corner and select "Edit company".

After creating the company and accessing the "Edit company" options, you'll notice a new Company code field. Find out more about adjusting company codes here.

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