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Company Codes in Productive

Learn how to edit and manage company codes in Productive.

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Every company in Productive is assigned a unique company code mainly used for invoice numbering. When a company is first created, the first four letters of the company name are used to generate this code.

If there is already an existing company with the same starting letters, a number will be appended to the end of the code to differentiate the companies. For example, if there is already a company called "Digitrue" with the code DIGI, the code for a new company named "Digital Experts" would be DIGI1.

The company code can be changed at any time by editing the company details.

Editing Your Company's Code

To edit your company's code, hover over your avatar in the upper-right corner and select My company from the dropdown menu.

From there, open the three-dot menu to the right and select Edit company.

Editing Client Company Details

You can also adjust the details of any client companies saved in the app. To do so, navigate to CRM > Companies, select the desired company, open the three-dot menu, and click on Edit company.

Use Case: Incorporating Company Code in Invoicing Numbering

1) Adding the Company Code

We've designated "EXAM1" as the company code for one of our clients, The Example Company.

2) Customizing Invoicing Options

Heading to Settings > Invoicing > Invoicing options, we integrated the {company_code} variable into our invoice numbering scheme.

3) Invoice Identification

With this setup, all finalized invoices for The Example Company will now feature their unique company code, helping with invoice tracking and identification.

Tip: Simplify your invoice search process by utilizing the quick-search function within the invoice screen. Just remember to input the number without the "#" symbol for optimal results!

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