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Custom Invoice Numbering Options
Custom Invoice Numbering Options

Personalize your invoice numbers with unique formats tailored to your preferences.

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When generating invoices, having a distinct invoice number is crucial. In Productive this number is auto-generated, starting from 1 by default.

However, you have the flexibility to input a number from your accounting software or customize it to match your specific requirements. Note that the invoice number is added to the invoice after finalizing it (invoice drafts do not have an invoice number assigned).

Customizing your invoice number format opens up a world of possibilities. You can incorporate various elements such as:

  • {yyyy} - Current year (e.g., 2024)

  • {yy} - Shortened current year (e.g., 24)

  • {q} - Current quarter (e.g., 1, 2, 3, 4)

  • {n} - Sequential invoice number (e.g., 1, 2, 3...)

  • {mm} - Month (e.g., 01, 02...)

  • {company_code} - First four letters of your company name (e.g., ACMER = ACME)

Tip: You can use the quick-search option within the invoice screen to find specific invoices by their numbers.

Just ensure the number is added to the search bar without the # symbol!

For instance, your invoice numbers could follow formats like:

  • {yyyy}/{mm}/{n}

  • {nnn}-{company_code}-{yyyy}

You can also use various characters, including numbers (1-9), letters (both uppercase and lowercase), symbols (/ _ - . < >), and whitespace, to customize your invoice numbers.

Tip: If you prefer leading zeros in your invoice numbers (e.g., 01, 02, 03...), utilize the {nn} or {nnn} format.

Setting up the Custom Invoice Number

To set up a custom invoice number format, navigate to Settings > Invoicing > Invoicing options in your Productive account.

Switch on the Autogenerate invoice number toggle, add the invoicing number format you prefer and select Save.

If your invoice number includes a sequential element ({n}), choose if you want the numbering sequence to reset each year.

You will have two options in the Reset sequence dropdown:

  • Reset sequence: Yearly
    Each year the {n} part of the sequence will reset and start from one.

  • Reset sequence: Never
    Each year the {n} part of the sequence will just continue from where it ended the previous year.

Custom Invoice Numbers and Subsidiaries

If you have multiple subsidiaries and want to customize the numbering scheme for some or all of them, follow these steps.
1) In the Invoicing options section, click on the subsidiary for which you want to add a custom numbering sequence.

2) Enable the "Autogenerate invoice number" toggle, then locate the "Invoicing number format" field.

3) Enter your desired format based on the parameters outlined earlier in this article.

4) Once you have finished configuring the format, click Save.

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