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Setting up Subsidiaries

If you have multiple offices you can register them as different subsidiaries. This can be used for billing purposes.

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In Productive, a subsidiary is a separate branch of your organization that allows you to invoice clients using billing information other than your primary one.

This feature is especially useful for businesses that have multiple offices, geographic locations, or divisions that operate separately.

Setting up subsidiaries enables you to simplify your invoicing processes, maintain accurate financial records, and provide clear, location-specific billing information to your clients.

When you first create an account in Productive, you will enter your primary company information, such as the name, address, and Tax ID, which will be stored in Settings > Company info.

However, if your organization has multiple offices or branches that require separate billing and administrative options, you can add subsidiaries there to efficiently manage these requirements.

Adding a Subsidiary

To add a subsidiary to your account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Company info.

  2. Select the "Add subsidiary" option.

  3. Enter the necessary billing information and click "Save". The new subsidiary will be added to your list.

Subsidiaries and Document Templates

Once you have added all your subsidiaries, you can create the necessary document templates for easier navigation.

These templates can be used for invoices, deal proposals, budget proposals, and purchase orders.

To set up document templates:

  1. Go to Settings > Document templates.

  2. Click on "Add document template".

  3. Customize the template as needed, with the subsidiary information displayed in the upper right corner (note that this is just a quick preview).

Subsidiaries and Invoicing

When creating a budget or deal, you'll need to assign it to a specific subsidiary.

However, when generating an invoice, you can choose from any of your active subsidiaries using the invoice wizard.

The document templates you previously created will also be available as options to select from. This ensures that each invoice reflects the correct subsidiary details.

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