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Creating and Managing Invoice Drafts
Creating and Managing Invoice Drafts

Learn how to create and manage invoice drafts, from initial creation to finalization, ensuring accuracy before sending to clients.

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What is an Invoice Draft?

An invoice draft is a preliminary version of an invoice, serving as a preparatory step before the invoice is finalized and sent to the client.

It can function similarly to a pro forma invoice, allowing for adjustments and reviews before finalization.

Creating an Invoice Draft

When creating an invoice, the invoice creation wizard guides you through creating a draft first, rather than finalizing the invoice immediately.

Within the draft, you can choose and adjust the following:

  • Invoicing method: Select the method you'd like to use (learn more about invoicing methods here).

  • Subsidiary: Choose the subsidiary you want to invoice the client from (more on subsidiaries here).

  • Document template: Select the template for your PDF and invoicing email's appearance (learn more about document templates here).

  • Item display: Decide how you'd like to display the items in your invoice (more about optimizing your invoices here).

Once satisfied with your invoice (you'll see a preview at the bottom), select "Create draft" in the upper-right corner.

This will take you to the final step of the invoice creation process.

Draft Stage Features

  • The invoice will have a Draft badge.

  • It will not have an invoice number.

  • It is not accounted for in revenue calculations but is visible in your budget under invoice drafts.

  • Draft invoices can be analyzed through reports.

Exporting the Invoice Draft

If you export the invoice to PDF while it is in the draft status, it will include a Draft watermark, indicating that it is not a finalized invoice.

Finalizing the Invoice

Managing the Draft

After creating the draft, you can further adjust various details, including the document template, invoice date (date of issuing), due date, billing details, invoice subject (appears in the PDF), and the subsidiary.

If needed, manually add items to your invoice by linking additional services or budgets.

You can also add a custom note to your invoice, either freehand or using dynamic fields (described here).

The draft invoice includes the following tabs:

  • Invoice: Contains the main invoicing details.

  • Feed: Records any changes made to the invoice and allows you to comment, tag, and collaborate with others.

  • Payments: Provides an overview of any payments received based on the invoice amounts.

  • Reminders: More on payment reminders here.

You can also:

1) Manage the invoice subscribers (decide who gets notified if any changes are made to this invoice). To add subscribers, select the "+" button in the upper right.

2) Use a custom BCC email address, allowing you to directly link emails to your invoice (more on this here).

3) Use a custom field or tag your invoice for easier organization.

4) Duplicate or delete the draft invoice by selecting the three-dot menu to the right.

Finalizing the Invoice

After reviewing the invoice and ensuring all details are correct, follow these steps to send your invoice:

  1. Click on Finalize Invoice.

  2. The invoice status will change from draft to finalized, and an invoice number will be assigned either manually or automatically, depending on your invoice numbering settings.

  3. The finalized invoice can then be copied to the accounting tool you integrated with your Productive account or sent directly to the client.

Invoice Drafts and Accounting Integrations

  • An invoice can be exported to the accounting tool even while in draft status.

  • The invoice number can be also assigned by the accounting tool, as adjusted in the integration settings (Settings > App marketplace).

  • Selecting "Copy to accounting" will also finalize the invoice.

Checking Draft Invoice Amounts

To check how much of a budget has been invoiced and how much is in draft status:

  • Go to the Budget overview and check the Invoicing section to the right.

  • Navigate to the Invoicing tab to see all your issued and drafted invoices.

To see the total amount of draft invoices across your budgets:

  • Add the Draft invoices amount field to your view on the Budgets screen.

Watch the Video to Learn More

For a more detailed walkthrough, watch the video tutorial.

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